7 Reasons To Substitute Sugar With Honey

7 Reasons To Substitute Sugar With Honey
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Sugar – A soluble carbohydrate which is used in our Food. From different sources, variety of Sugars are derived. Sugars are found in the tissues of plants but are concentrated in Sugarcane and Sugar Beet.

On an average, a human being consumes about 24 kgs. of Sugar/year which is equivalent to 260 food calories per day.

Researches reveal that excess of Sugar increases the risk of Obesity, Cardiovascular Diseases, Dementia, Tooth Decay and Diabetes.

It is also a known fact that whatever carbohydrates we intake converts into Sugar(Glucose) in the body, therefore, plain refined sugar is not needed by us. Another fact states that, White Sugar is a Slow Poison and it should be avoided as much as possible.

Today, we are going to share the reasons for substituting the Sugar with Honey because Honey is also a sweet element produced by Bees and other Insects from the sugary secretions of Plants or other Insects through water evaporation but at the same time it is Pure and the best substitute of Sugar.

7 Reasons To Substitute Sugar With Honey

Honey is a sweet liquid, the flavor of which depends on the type of flower from  which it is harvested.

Here we bring you the top 7 reasons for substituting Sugar with Honey. Take a look and make a move towards a healthy eating option and follow a healthy active lifestyle.

1)    More Nutrients and Less Processed: Honey’s nutritional composition varies based on the origin of the Nectar used to make it. In general, it contains local pollen alongwith, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Minerals, Vitamins, Enzymes. It is found that dark honey has more antioxidants than light one. Infact honey is less processed than Sugar. Raw Honey is still much better option.

2)    Allergy Relief: A study in 2011, revealed that people with birch pollen allergy, who took pollen honey, faced:

a)    60 percent reduction in symptoms.

b)    Twice as many days without symptoms.

c)    70 percent fewer days with severe symptoms.

7 Reasons To Substitute Sugar With Honey
7 Reasons To Substitute Sugar With Honey

3)    Helps Boost your Energy: Honey, being a knockout substitute for Sugar, helps you loose weight and boost your energy levels because of the antioxidants, enzymes, proteins and mineral found in it.

4)    Easy to Digest: Honey is easy to digest than Sugar. Because of the composition, regular Sugar needs to be ingested before break down whereas Bees add enzymes to honey, the sugars in the honey are already partially broken, which makes it easy to digest.

5)    Low GI: Sugar spikes the blood-sugar levels faster than honey which leads to a quick spurt of energy, followed by fast decline along with tiredness, headache and difficulty in concentrating.

6)    Cavities: Sugar increases the risk of tooth cavaties. It is true for every age group.

7)    Makes your Lips Kissably Smooth: Winters sure is a romantic season, but the dry, cold weather fails to do much to help cracked lips. Simply smear a bit of honey on your pout with some coffee grounds and rub a lip balm to get rid of the flake. Once done – Just Eat or Lick.

Go healthy, include honey in your lifestyle and your food and save yourself from lifestyle diseases.

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