7 Indoor Plants To Green Up Your Home

7 Indoor Plants To Green Up Your Home
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Plants play an important role in our life. It not only provides us Oxygen but also the Food. It is an essential element for fighting against the biggest issue of Global Warming and that is the reason why we need to plant more.

Plants also play a vital role in decorating our house in various ways, be it a small garden in or outside the house or in the balcony or various potted plants.

Choosing a perfect plant for a perfect space is highly recommended.

7 Indoor Plants To Green Up Your Home

Here we bring out 7 plants that can green up your place and help you to stay close to greenery you always crave for:

1)    Bamboo: Doesn’t matters where you plant it in the house, it surely is going to give you what it has to, even if you plant it in a dark bedroom for more than 2 years, it will still be alive, flourish and thriving. An important part of FENG SHUI, Bamboo plants are said to be lucky and fortunate, especially if gifted so, here it is as the best indoor shade plant.

2)    Spider Plants: These can be grown in baskets or pots as hanging or trailing plants. It can survive for a long time in less light conditions (artificial lights included). The most adaptable plant and easy to grow which often start out as small white flowers.

3)    Golden Pothos Vine: Dark, Dry, just unplant environment, these plants will still thrive, even in shady conditions. They are attractive, durable and very easy to grow. It has leathery, smooth, heart-shaped leaves and is amongst top-10 air purifier plants for indoor use.

4)    Ferns: It is safe to say that many of the ferns are easily suited to low-light conditions but not all ferns will thrive in a shady corner. Ferns are the oldest plants in the World. As houseplants, they have been in cultivation for centuries. There are about 12000 species of the plant, ranging from tropical to cold hardy, from miniature to monstrous trees.

5)    Snake Plant:  These plants are striking in appearance and easy to grow. The Sanse vieria species are best low-light plants. It is the most recommended plant for improving air. The best place to keep is in the Bedroom as it converts CO2 into Oxygen during Nights.

6)    Dracaena: The Dracaena family is the one which can be found everywhere. This group of plants has nearly 40 species that vary in size and forms. It includes Ti Plants, D. Draco and other species.

7)    Aechmea Bromeliads: A tropical bromeliad in the list. Surprised? Then try them once. Aechmea is mostly sold in Flowers and a flowering aechmea will often hold its bloom and shape for years in low and artificial lights.

So friends, here is the complete list of plants which can help to keep your house green and your air purified and full of Oxygen. Go, shop for them and decorate as per your comfort. DIY can be taken into consideration as well.

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