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Home, a place where we live and make memories. We do a lot of chorus in our home on daily basis throughout the day which creates impact on its cleanliness and the smell. We can clean the house by brooming and dusting but after this comes the part of keeping the house in GOOD ODOUR which we ignore. Ignorance is a bliss and our loss!. So, we should focus upon the odour too so that it gives us a feeling of being in a fresh environment because ultimately it will create impact on our health, our body, mind and soul.

The best way to keep home fresh and smell good is to keep all the windows and doors open and let some fresh air get in because fresh air has its own scent and it whisks away the stale air.

So, guys and girls, here we are listing out few great ways, using which you can keep your home free from bad odour because a good odour attracts everyone but a bad odour …………!! These methods are easy to use and all-natural.


SCENTED CLEANING VINEGAR: When getting rid of unpleasant smells in the house, covering up is not enough. A good cleaning is enough to eliminate the source of bad smell. Using a scented cleaner is a best option. Scented Vinegar not only cleans the odor but also leaves behind a fresh lemon-y scent.

ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER: It is one of the most commonly used method and very easy to use. Simply fill the diffuser with water, pour few drops and turn it On. It creates a fine mist that spreads the scent of essential oils throughout the house.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL CUBES: Garbage disposals are one of the main sources of bad odor and if your disposal smells weird here is what you can do.

Use Lemon and Vinegar Ice Cubes: Slice up the lemons and put it in each ice mold in the tray, then pour vinegar and refrigerate it. Once the cubes are frozen, store in a plastic bag in a freezer. Throw one cube everyday in the disposal and use until dissolved.

FABRIC SPRAY: Another quick and easy way to get rid of the smell is a fabric spray, if you do not have a diffuser. Simply fill a small spray bottle with water, baking soda and your favorite essential oil and shake it well and use it as a fabric spray. Natural choice being Lavender because it contains calming properties but sweet orange, lemon and tangerine are few other commonly used fragrance to get a natural boost.

DEODORIZE CARPET POWDER: Carpet’s fiber is the common spot for unwanted odours. You can get rid of it by making your own carpet deodorize powder. Sprinkle the powder and vaccum clean it. The powder picks up the dirt and hair, leaving a fresh scent behind.

AIR PURIFYING PLANTS: Potted plants are the natural purifiers and are not just used for looks. Palm Trees, Peach Lillies and Orchids are the most commonly ones used these days.

For semi-emergency situations, most of these “solutions” are quick. For long-term good smell, you have to keep the odors from starting in the first place and not to forget to air the house out. It is good for you, your house, and your guests.

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