How To Care For Antique Home Decor Items?

Care For Antique Home Decor Items
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For the one who is a vintage lover.

Antiques gives a rustic feeling and an breath-taking look to your home. Antique stores and shopping markets are addictive when you visit and check them out for antique items, especially when it is too easy to turn your fragile finds into a lovely decorating coup.

Care For Antique Home Decor Items

Here we are giving you the ways on how to take care of few antique pieces for your home to look unique in the long run.

  • METAL ACCESSORIES: When it comes to Metals, starting from an ornament to a special heirloom, you always wish to handle it with great care. There are different types of metals and different ways to polish and keep them clean to make sure they can be stored properly for long term without rusting and tarnishing. It becomes easy to clean a Metal when they are kept in open.
  • CRYSTAL CHANDELIER: Chandelier, it not only attracts us to the core but makes us feel Elite. But here is the issue!!!, It is never an easy task to clean up each part of it. It can be tricky, detail-oriented task. However it is very important to clean it up to maintain the light-reflective quality that makes it so bright.


There are 2 simple methods to clean it up, use any of it to keep up the age of your chandelier:

  1. A) Cleaning with Crystals On:

  • Turn off the Lights to cool the Bulbs.
  • Prepare the Area by placing a drop cloth under the chandelier and setup a step ladder for proper support.
  • Use a Glass Cleaner or a Clean Cotton Cloth.
  • Clean each Crystal carefully.
  • Clean the Frame.
  • Dust Light Bulb gently.
  1. B) Cleaning with Crystals Off:

  • Turn off the Light to cool the Bulbs.
  • Prepare the Area.
  • Disassemble the Chandelier carefully.
  • Clean the Crystals.
  • Clean the Frame and other parts.
  • Reassemble the Chandelier.


To clean the wood:

  • Use warm water and mild dish soap. Cleaning furniture with water will not create negative impact nut just be careful to not soak it. After a good cleaning, use good-quality soft wax. Keep wood away from Sun rays because a heavy temperature is sure to fade and destroy your furniture and cause cracks.
  • For a quick touch-up use an appropriate color of shoe polish on scratches.


So, here comes the most common antique item which can almost be found with every antique lover. To keep things good, here are some steps:

  • Put your phone on a desk, ofcourse side tables on wall furnitures, etc.Often old plant tables are offered as telephone tables which are narrow and high.
  • For Wall hanging telephone, the best place can be a hallway.
  • Dusting: The first thing that can destroy the life of your phone is the dust. Although it is harmless but if too much dust gets inside, it fails to function properly. So, it is necessary to dust off regularly in a clean environment.
  • Polishing: This can be the best way to keep your phone look new. You can use dry dust cloth for cleaning spectacles or a piece of fanel. Liquids to be avoided as much as possible. To remove stain, use a tissue. Dull spots can be shined by Brass Polish and allow it to dry.


Most antique clocks are valuable instruments so they are needed to be cared for regularly which most of us don’t do by taking it for granted. This can be done in the case of modern clocks but an antique one needs regular care. Here is what to do:

  • General Care: Generally antique clock suffers from 3 things: Careless Positioning, Incorrect Display and Over Enthusiastic Handling. Even direct sunlight is harmful. Lubrication is needed every 4-5 years and a full service every 10 years.
  • Positioning: Worst place for a antique clock is on a mantelpiece over a fireplace. Never keep an antique clock close to a radiator or in direct sunlight or where children’s fingers can reach. Careless or unexpected movements are sure to affect the working. To maintain a clock, its necessary for it to be “IN BEAT” so focus on proper leveling of a clock. Hang it at a proper length with the screw properly securing the wall.
  • Cleaning: It should be done with utmost care. Use a soft line-free cloth and a soft bristle brush. Avoid polishing which can destroy the patina. Use a paste wax for polishing the wood case and avoid silicone spray polishes.
  • Keep It Running: Although an antique clock won’t degrade for a long time but still keep it running because a clock that is left idle for weeks and months will get dry up and tend to be more difficult to get going again without proper service. Never try to lubricate or oil it.

So Folks, here are the tips for your selected antiques which you can bring in use to take care of them. Go, check your pieces, do the needful, get things repaired and give a re-touch and/ or renovation to it because festivals is around the corner and it’s the perfect time to do this.

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