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Facebook or Twitter, which one is better?

It is like comparing Oranges to Apples because both the platforms are different.

On one hand, most people are using facebook to connect with family, friends and even unknowns, twitter looks like more of a News site.

Facebook looks more intimate than Twitter. The News Feed of facebook moves slow and it makes it easier to connect with people on a deep level.

According to a survey on 1500 users , it was found that Age was the biggest factor in the results.

Twitter emerged as a more popular media with users under 25 years of age group while Facebook dominated the other age groups. Older people chose facebook as their favorite. Overall, Men and Women liked facebook as the best media in which 69% women and 57% men chose facebook.

Twitter and Facebook both delivers information in different ways and also serve two different marketing needs.

Twitter is better for viral trends whereas facebook is for deep communication and branding relationships.

The Users: Facebook users are more interested in keeping tabs and close connections with family and friends by liking everything from books to pages to celebrities to individual posts. Seniors are growing faster on Facebook. Twitter is more popular among Latinos and African American.

So much to do with Facebook still Twitter is Popular. Why? : Even if you do not use twitter, you probably would have heard about it. In 2012,Twitter celebrated its 6th Birthday and has constantly shown a rapid growth each year. Tweets can go viral on twitter within minutes.

The main reason for Twitter’s popularity is that Twitter is a straightforward and a No-Frill social site.

Twitter does not put in the app instructions like facebook nor it does pressures you to custom design your look.

When it comes to Social Media Advertising, both the platforms make it easy to track and establish campaigns for the brand.

Although both are not meant for the same thing. Twitter is fast for customers to discover new content , facebook is about connecting.

It is not a hidden fact that despite the differences both the media can help the most casual of social media marketers. Ultimately, its up to you to decide which one is better for you. Just because one has a wider market reach doesn’t mean that it is a good choice. The fast paced nature of the other, makes it ideal for those who stay ahead of the curve. Both the platforms deliver information and spread awareness in uniquely different ways.

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